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Get your idea on...

So you say you have a great idea on how to improve eProductivity that you want to share with others? This is the place to post it. Others can then promote, demote and offer feedback about your idea. Popular ideas will bubble to the top.

The concept of an "idea space"

An "idea space" is a geeky term used on this site to group ideas for a given aspect of eProductivity. For example "Weekly Review Coach" is the idea space that will contain all ideas related to the Weekly Review Coach. It is anticipated that idea spaces will be "owned" by somebody in the future so the community's ideas can be acknowledged.

5 simple steps to getting your great idea on the eProductivity idea Jam...

Step 1 - Register

Step 2 - Search and review ideas submitted by others. Maybe you aren't the only one who came up with that great idea. If you do post an idea that has already been posted you may suffer from digital flogging -- just kidding. Search before you post.

Step 3 - Post your idea and promote it via your blog, community forums, podcasts, billboards, advertisements in the local newspaper and of course by renting a blimp.

Step 4 - Promote or demote others ideas. You are not allowed to promote or demote your own ideas. (Sorry.)

Step 5 - Subscribe to the RSS feeds to stay connected with the eProductivity ideajam. Each idea space has an associated RSS feed.

How to change Your password

If you need to change your eProductivity Idea Jam password you can do that here.

Note: Ideas posted here do not guarantee any future eProductivity Software product features. The popularity of a request is only one aspect eProductivity Software considers when developing future products.

Special thanks to the IdeaJam Development Team

The eProductivity IdeaJam was built by the extrememly talented team at Elguji Software, LLC. We'd like to extend our special thanks to Mr. Bruce Elgort, creator of the IdeaJam for his help customizing the new eProductivity IdeaJam. if you would like to set up your own IdeaJam site, contact Elguji Software to learn how your product or service can benefit from an IdeaJam.


Welcome to the eProductivity IdeaJam!

Use the IdeaJam to contribute and vote on the eProductivity features you would most like to see. The developers make no promises, but they are watching this space closely, so if there's something you want to see, register, login, post your idea for the world to see and vote on other people's ideas! Get started

Support questions should be sent to eProductivity Support.

What if my idea isn't new?

One worry that some users have is that they will post an idea which is a duplicate of an existing idea, or which asks for functionality which is already in eProductivity. No problem! We'll combine ideas if necessary, and we are happy to post links, samples and guidance to existing functionality.

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